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A Quick Guide to Ihram for All Muslims


In order to enter into the state of Ihram following acts are recommended;

  • Making Intention to Assume Ihram.
  • Recitation of


Upon having an intention to assume Ihram before the points of Miqat, a pilgrim must recite Talbiyah. For men it is recommended the talbiyah must be recited in loud and for women it is recommended that should do it softly. A pilgrim must continue to recite durud and continue praying to Allah for as long as possible.


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Actions That Are Not Permissible During Ihram

There are certain acts that are not permissible in the state of Ihram:

  1. A pilgrim must strictly refrain from the acts / actions that are under the context of kissing, embracing, sexual intercourse and even talking about sex. All the acts that are mentioned above are prohibited directly as these are the actions that make a pilgrim dirty to perform Umrah.
  1. A pilgrim must refrain from the acts and actions that are declared by Islam as Haram and must not indulge in playing foul with people or use dirty / slang language, sin, fighting, etc.
  1. During the execution of Umrah it is prohibited to be indulge in the act of killing any living creature whether an animal or bird, even killing an ant is prohibited by intention during Umrah.
  1. A Pilgrim must avoid from using scents, perfumes, perfumed oils, soaps, shampoos or any items of fragrance; on the body and even the clothes.
  1. A Pilgrim must refrain from cutting or trimming hairs from any part of the body and must also avoid cutting nails.
  1. During an execution of Umrah it is permissible for men to use stitched cloth.
  1. It is not allowed for men to wear any such footwear that covers the central bone of the upper part of the feet.
  1. It is prohibited for men to cover their faces or head with any kind of cloth.
  1. Women, in the presence of men, must cover their faces in such a manner that the covering does not touch it, wearing a baseball type cap under the covering can be helpful.
  1. A pilgrim must try not to hurt any other pilgrim during the performance of Umrah.



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Permissible Actions While In State of Ihram

  1. Pilgrims are allowed to use any covering during the performance of Umrah in shape of an umbrella until and unless it does not rest on the head or any body part.
  1. All items which are not under the head of clothing but with a valid reason are permissible.
  1. Pilgrims are allowed to wash their clothing’s and take bath without using any kind of fragrance.
  1. Pilgrims must not be worried about natural shedding of hairs during washing or bathing.
  1. While taking a sleep a pilgrim is allowed to cover their body with any kind of garment but must refrain from covering their head or face.
  1. While performing an Umrah, a pilgrim is allowed to use tooth brush or Maswaq to clean their teeth.

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